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CloZures® Shutters for Opening Hatches & Portlights
For pricing and ordering information, select your portlight brand. Please call if unsure of brand, or to order via phone.

CloZures® -  When curtains and shades just don't work

CloZures® are a simple and elegant solution for replacing those dusty curtains or broken shades. They will make your boat feel cleaner and larger. The shutters offer 100% UV protection and will make your boat’s interior 15 deg. cooler on a hot sunny day. As opposed to curtains, sunlight will filter through the shutters so the interior remains bright and cheery. When closed at night the shutters provide 100% privacy.
"After 10 years of use in a very harsh marine environment and installations on thousands of boats, the CloZures® have achieved a stellar reputation."
CloZures functionality
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Experience the benefits, function, and simplicity of the CloZures® shutters with a generic 5 x 8 free sample.
Free Sample
2 layers of plastic velcro backing removal
Sea Shell
Color reproduction may not be exact.
CloZures® shutters are made from 2 pieces of 0.030 thick Polycarbonate which has been silkscreened and processed to size on automated equipment. They are manufactured using the latest UV material and technology. The CloZures® function by simply moving one layer on top the second layer, thus opening or closing the shutter. CloZures® are attached to the lens/glass of the portlight or hatch via 3M low profile Dual Lock, (a Velcro type material). To install simply remove the red liner exposing the acrylic adhesive, then position and press firmly to the lens/glass. They are easily removed for cleaning.

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The CloZures® shutters are available in 3 colors. White, Sea Shell, Black on White (Room Darkening). All shutters reflect the heat and UV. The room darkening shutter is black on the inside and white on the outside.
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for non-opening irregular portlights and windows.
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