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CloZures® Shutters for Opening Hatches & Portlights
For pricing and ordering information, select your portlight brand. Please call if unsure of brand, or to order via phone.
CloZures® Shutters for Lewmar Portlights
Use this guide to determine which Zarcor CloZures Shutters (part #) is needed for the following series of Lewmar portlights.
After establishing which series of Lewmar portlights are installed on your boat, continue to the CloZures specs and pricing page.

Note: Zarcor does NOT sell portlights or hatches.

Lewmar Standard (old style) Portlight Old Standard Portlights
  • Produced 1982 - 1998.
  • No frame around acrylic lens.
  • Rotating handles fastened through lens.
Lewmar Standard (old style) Portlight latch
Specs & Prices
Lewmar Standard (new style) Portlight New Standard Portlights
  • Produced 1997 to present date.
  • No frame around acrylic lens.
  • Plastic handles and hinges on acrylic lens.
  • "snap latch" push to close handles.
  • Aluminum exterior frame with joint on bottom.
  • ABS plastic interior trim.
Lewmar Standard (new style) Portlight latch
Specs & Prices
Lewmar Atlantic Portlight Atlantic Portlights
  • Strong Aluminum outer frame.
  • Lens bonded in metal frame.
  • Metal latches & hinges.
  • Aluminum inside trim.
  • Nothing protruding on lens.
Lewmar Atlantic Portlight new style latch
Specs & Prices
Lewmar Stainless Portlight Stainless Portlights
  • Polished stainless outer frame with no joint.
  • ABS plastic interior trim.
  • No frame on acrylic lens.
  • "snap latch" push to close handles.
  • available opening or non-opening.
Lewmar Stainless Portlight latch
Specs & Prices
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