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Companionway Doors by ZARCOR
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Stunningly Beautiful
The doors, with all the features sailors have been asking for.
Companionway Doors on Catalina c310 2001 sailboat
Companionway Doors on Catalina c310 2001

It has taken 100 plus years for sail boaters to approach the comfort level that power boaters have taken for granted. Zarcor has changed this by replacing those pesky hatch boards with their award winning Companionway Doors.

Features of Zarcor’s Hi-tech Companionway Doors:

  • They are removable so you can store them.
  • Your original boards can always be inserted when sailing off-shore.
  • Choose your comfort panel for the day, bug screens, privacy, or viewing.
  • A built-in combination lock or key lock replaces the traditional padlock and hasp.
  • Maintenance free marine grade polymer. Never varnish again.
Pittman Award - Companionway Doors
A satisfied 2005 Catalina 320 owner.
From hatchboards to Companionway Doors.
Available colors of Companionway Doors
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Companionway Doors are available in 3 colors:
  • White
  • Seafoam
  • Sanshade
Request a free color sample kit.
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"Just want to let you know that I have installed the doors on my H260 and I am very pleased with the result. I think the cockpit looks much better with the doors, but that is just a minor point compared to the added convenience!

This is how the boat should have been equipped at the factory. Hatch boards are so old-fashioned! Of all the improvements I made on the boat this one ranks right at the top!

Thanks for the assistance over the phone and your personal advice. Feel free to give my number to any H260 owners that are considering your doors.
Reinhold Fussle | more testimonials
Never varnish again
hatchboards, caveman era
Hatch boards are history.
Your boat's entryway deserves the same treatment as the doors on your house.
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Jim Lambert of Murrieta, CA | Hunter 33, 2006 | July 2021
These doors are a "must have" for your boat. The Zarcor staff are extremely patient and helpful to assist with installation questions and the end result is worth every penny. They are very functional, convenient, and just look damn good! Don't think twice, get em! You won't regret it!
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarReview Star
great install
GREGORY MASICHUK of KEMAH, TX | 2003 Catalina350 | July 2019
easy install, looks like a new boat
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarReview Star
Outstanding quality of product and service - long trial use
Timothy Johnson of Oxnard, CA | Ericson 35 MkIII, 1986 | July 2017
This review comes 18 months after my initial purchase of Zarcor Companionway Doors. I've delayed the review to see if these doors would hold up to liveaboard daily use in real world trials and am very happy to report the doors look and function now as they did when installed on day one.

The ordering instructions for measurements and required template were clear and concise. We supplied a newsprint template and photos of the companionway. Inquiries were answered promptly and installation instructions were concise. The doors arrived in the timeline promised and were very easy to install following online youtube and paper instructions.

Engineering and craftsmanship of this product is outstanding. Quality of service and communication deserves a "really well done" rating. I am completely satisfied with this purchase and would install the Zarcor Companionway doors on any boat. Super simple to install, use, manage without the jigsaw puzzle and varnish of hatchboards

Well done Zarcor!
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarReview Star
Companionway doors
Tom Eagles of Georgetown, ON | 1990 Catalina 42 | January 2016
Excellent customer service. I was worried that the doors would come and not fit. After speaking with Zacor on the phone they made me feel at ease. My boat already had 2 inch stainless on it. They walked me through the installation and the doors fit perfectly. The hardest part for me was tapping the stainless. Zacor offered me the opportunity t send them the stainless and they would tap for me. I would recommend anyone wanting a beautiful looking door to give serious consideration to purchasing these doors.

Thanks a million.
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarReview Star
Still Working Great!
Tom Bostwick of Chesapeake Bay, MD | 2005 Hunter 36 | March 2015
I have a 2005 Hunter 36 and I bought these doors at the Annapolis Boat Show in 2008 or 2009, and they have looked and functioned perfectly ever since. I have all three inserts (dark see-thru tinted, opaque, and screens) and they all look great. I really like how they look when I back into a slip and can be seen from the dock. It's like they're original equipment right when the boat came from the factory. Not the cheapest investment one could make, but when you think about how often you go in and out of the cockpit, it's really a no-brainer. 6 or 7 years later, still great!!
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