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Companionway Doors by ZARCOR
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Locking Methods for Companionway Doors
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3 digit combonation cam lock cam lock with key padlock hasp
The 3 digit combination lock is the most popular for securing the boat. The combinations are re-settable, it is weather resistant, and it eliminates the hassle of keeping track of keys. Some people prefer the key lock, especially if they go to their boat a lot at night. The combination and key lock, both optional, function by rotating a cam into or behind a keeper. The original padlock and hasp (above, far right) can always be used. Although, a bit cumbersome, and seemingly out of place with the beautiful upgrade, many sailors think it is the most secure method of locking-up the boat.
Door Catch Systems included with lock
During the order process, we discuss with each customer which catch system will be best suited for their boat.
keeper block A keeper block is used on most Hunter and Catalina boats. sliding top hatch Island Packet boats, and others, simply rotate the cam behind the sliding top. For additional information regarding any of the pictured accessories, see the Other Lock Accessories section below.
eye strap If the boat has a traversing girder on the sliding top, we rotate the cam into an eye strap or behind the girder. metal pull bracket Beneteau , Jeanneau, and other boats using the pictured metal pull bracket, simply affix the aluminum catch plate with a provided screw.
See Optional Locking/Security Accessories
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