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HotBlade-X™ - Dual Purpose Micro Torch

The HotBlade-X is a dual purpose micro torch, which features a rotatable stainless steel blade. Inside is a replaceable and refillable butane fuel cell. It also includes an attached mini work surface cutting plate to facilitate use of the heated blade. The HotBlade-X ships WITHOUT butane in the fuel cell.

HotBlade-X mini torch

HotBlade-X - Mini Torch

Blade up
HotBlade-X heating solder HotBlade-X heating shrink wrap
HotBlade-X heating key to unfreeze lock HotBlade-X igniting cigar

The HotBlade-X mini torch can be used to heat or ignite items, and can serve several other purposes:

  • Solder
  • Thaw frozen locks. Note: Heat the key first
  • Remove rusted nuts from bolts
  • Light the grill
  • Apply shrink tubing
  • Light candles
  • Handicrafts
  • Light cigars and cigarettes

HotBlade-X - SS Cutting Blade

Blade down
HotBlade-X cutting sail line HotBlade-X cutting sail webbing
HotBlade-X cutting sail canvas

The mini torch can heat the SS blade to over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and slice through most line, cordage, rope, up to ¾-inch diameter, like a hot knife through butter. Use the HotBlade-X to slice webbing, and repair tattered canvas and sail cloth. Slice onto the attached cutting plate so the hot blade will not mar the boat’s fiberglass. Rest heated blade on plate when done.

HotBlade-X unassembled

To heat HotBlade-X / Mini-Torch, release safety by pulling red lever back, then ignite torch by pushing red lever down. Before slicing line, allow 15-20 seconds to heat the stainless steel cutting edge to 2000 degrees. Allow blade to melt through line. Do not press hard. Always use attached cutting plate when using the HotBlade-X.

Note: The HotBlade-X is not intended for production or industrial usage.

Questions or Phone Orders: (972) 380-8724
Product: HotBlade-X
Model #: HB101
Price: $29.95 each

"Sliced bread can't hold a candle to the Hot Blade."

Dennis Caprio
Yachting Magazine

"The new HotBlade is great"

Dale Nouse
Practical Sailor

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Great tool!
Gary Guetzko of IA | September 2015
Ok, I admit it. I thought it was a bit of a toy, so I had the HotBlade-X for quite some time before I actually used it. That was a mistake. Just tried it for cutting and trimming some double braid lines, and it worked great. It is a little fiddly to keep it lit, but well worth it. Cut the line easily and left a nice seal on the end. I would highly recommend it!
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Hot Blade
John Schofield of Houston, TX | February 2011
I've been using a Hot Blade for nearly a year now and it's been terrific.
I use it regularly for cutting and tidying three strand and braided lines.
I also use the blow torch function for applying heat shrink tube on electrical connections.
I couldn't do without it now.
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarReview Star
Just what I was looking for
Randy Royston of fairfax, VA | January 2011
I have been looking for a tool such as this for years and finally found this one , it works as advertised , anyone working with this type of rope , Nylon, needs a tool like this .It can be used on all types of nylon rope not only on boats.I use it on lawn mower rope also .Price is good also. Buy one Dude
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview Star
Good solution to a frequent need
Jim Melton of UT | January 2011
As a sailor, I frequently find myself in need of cutting one type of line or another, and it's always frustrating when the ends start fraying or the core and sheath don't stay together. But having an electric hot knife is both expensive and inconvenient to have on board a 40' sailboat. The HotBlade is a reasonably-priced answer to the problem and I've been very pleased with mine.
Review StarReview StarReview Star
Don Milner of MO | January 2011
I am fairly disappointed with this product. The flame is very finicky and almost always goes out when you point it down to cut a length of rope. Works good if you can get the flame to stay lit, but I usually lose patience after the flame goes out 3 or 4 times.
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