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Part # Companionway Doors Price  
CD101 Doors w/ tinted plex - available in white or beige $1095.00 Call or Buy on-line
CD201 Bug screens - regular $59.00 Call
CD202 Bug screens - no-see-um $59.00 Call
CD301 Privacy insert (white translucent) $49.00 Call
CD401 3 Digit Combination Cam Lock $49.00 Call
CD501 Key Lock $35.00 Call
CD601 Security Bar $99.00 Call
Part # Parts for CloZures™ shutters Price  
See special order form
PB110 CloZures Velcro Dot. Package of 40 each (20 pair / package). $8.00 Buy on-line
PB112 CloZures mini nylon rivet-washer-fastener set. 20 sets. $9.00 Buy on-line
PB113 VHB tape ½" x 1½" for large shutters & extreme conditions. 10/pkg. $6.00 Buy on-line
Part # SternPerch Seats Price  
SPS SternPerch Seats - pair w/ white drink holders $329.00 /pr Buy on-line
P101 Seat Pad /pair - Choose pad and piping color. $159.00 Buy on-line
RC101 Rail Cushion. $1.95 / inch Buy on-line
RK101 Rail Kit for boats w/single rails /pr $189.00 Buy on-line
SL101 Support leg w/caps, each cut to size. $.75 / inch Buy on-line
BF101 Base flange w/fasteners - Support leg $10.00 ea. Buy on-line
DH101 Drink holder insert - available in white or black $5.95 Buy on-line
RCB101 ´T´ Head Rail Clamp Bolt, SAE ¼ 20 thread (package of 2) $3.00 Buy on-line
Part # Cockpit Table w/ wineglass holders Price  
M011 Table 24" x 17½" - provide rail size & binnacle width $255.00 Buy on-line
M012 Table 22" x 14½" - provide rail size & binnacle width $190.00 Buy on-line
Part # Drink & Electronic holders - Rail sizes: 1", 1⅛", 1¼" Price  
UDH01 Universal Drink Holder $24.95 Buy on-line
UWH01 Universal WineGlass Holder $15.95 Buy on-line
T01 Single drink holder $28.00 Buy on-line
T02 Binocular holder $35.00 Buy on-line
T03 Gimbaled drink holder $36.00 Buy on-line
T04 2-1 Drink holder $42.00 Buy on-line
T06 Instrument pad $25.00 Buy on-line
T06L Large instrument pad 3" x 6" $31.00 Buy on-line
T07 VHF holder $26.00 Buy on-line
T08 Winch handle holder $35.00 Buy on-line
T09 Cell phone & small accessory holder $24.00 Buy on-line
T09m Cell phone holder for Blackberry, iPhone.
2.65" x 0.65" x 3.5"(H)
$24.00 Buy on-line
T09s Small flip cell phone holder. 2.2" x 6" x 2.75"(H) $19.00 Buy on-line
M016 Lifeline drink holder $23.00 Buy on-line
M023 Drink & accessory holder for Binnacle $80.00 Buy on-line
M027m Binnacle mini organizer $59.00 Buy on-line
M020 Garmin GPS holder $35.00 Buy on-line
M019 Wine Glass holder $9.95 Buy on-line
M019g Wine glass holder gimbaled $16.00 Buy on-line
M019m Martini glass holder $11.00 Call
M019w Wine wall mount $12.00 Call
M029 Center Pad Ridged $39.00
Adjustable $49.00
Buy on-line
MH01 Microphone Holder $15.00 Buy on-line
SN23 Wine bottle & glass holder, with clamp $49.00 Buy on-line
SN24 Gimbaled drink holder, with clamp $35.00 Buy on-line
SN25-1 Stanchion Clip for 1" rail - Sold in pairs. $5.00 Buy on-line
SN25-8 Stanchion Clip for 1⅛" rail - Sold in pairs. $5.00 Buy on-line
SN25-4 Stanchion Clip for 1¼" rail - Sold in pairs. $5.00 Buy on-line
Part # iPhone - iPad Price  
IH101 iPhone Holder $24.95 Buy on-line
PH101 Mobile device holder with rail clamp $24.95 Buy on-line
PH102 Rail Clamp only with dual T head $15.95 Buy on-line
PH103 Water resistant case $19.95 Buy on-line
PH201 Mobile device holder with suction clamp $29.95 Buy on-line
PH202 Suction pedestal without holder $17.95 Buy on-line
PH301 Flexible Aluminum gooseneck seat/floor mount, with T head. $24.95 Buy on-line
PHS01 Mobile Powered Speaker with cables $19.95 Buy on-line
UTH01 Universal Tablet Holder cradle ONLY, fits all dual T mounts $17.50 Buy on-line
UTH11 Universal Tablet Holder with Splash Guard, including rail clamp mount. $24.95 Buy on-line
Part # Other items Price  
Z100-7 Zarcor rail clamp ⅞" $12.50 Buy on-line
Z100-1 Zarcor rail clamp 1" $12.50 Buy on-line
Z100-8 Zarcor rail clamp 1⅛" $12.50 Buy on-line
HB101 HotBlade $29.95 Buy on-line
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