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SternPerch® Sailboat Seats
SternPerch Pads & Cushions Rail Kit Installation List Pattern Instuctions Seat Installation Instuctions Order Form
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SternPerch Seats
Sternperch Seats
Includes: » 1 pair of Sternperch Seats
» 1 pair of White Drink Holder Inserts
» 1 pair of base flanges and legs
» All necessary installation hardware
Price: $329.00 / per PAIR
Seat Color: | View Color Samples
Rail Cushions
rail cusion
To calculate the price, enter the desired Length.
Example: 24.5

Note: Any length less than 12", there is a $45.00 minimum per PAIR.
Color View color samples
Length inches
Price per PAIR $ $1.95 an inch per PAIR
SternPerch Seat Pads
SternPerch Seat Pad
Pad Color View color samples
Piping Color
Price $329.00 / per PAIR
SternPerch Rail Kit

A Rail Kit is required for boats without a lower rail.

Stanchion measurement: The distance from the center of one stanchion to the center of the other stanchion. Round your measurement down to the nearest ¼ inch. Maximum span is 40 inches.

For measurements with a fraction, please enter a decimal value.
Example: 24.75
Stanchion measurement inches
Price $189.00 / PAIR
Replacement Parts
SternPerch Drink Holder Insert
SternPerch Drink Holder Insert.
Product: SternPerch Drink Holder Insert
Model #: DH101
Price: $5.95 each
Base Flange
Base Flange
Product: Base Flange with fasteners
Model #: BF101
Price: $10.00 each
Support Leg

Leg length: Round to nearest ¼ inch. For measurements with a fraction, please enter a decimal value.
Example: 9.75

Minimum Order $9.00

Leg length Inches
Price $.75 / inch
Total $
"T" Head Rail Clamp Bolt
Base Flange
Product: "T" Head Rail Clamp Bolt,
SAE ¼ 20 thread
Model #: RCB101
Price: $3.00 package of 2
Rail Clamp
Rail Clamp
Product: Zarcor Rail Clamps.
Model #: Z100x
Price: $12.50 each
Rail Size:

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