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Testimonials for Companionway Doors
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Companionway Doors
Beneteau 323
"I can't tell you how much we love these doors!! We use all three panels at different times and we can still use the original boards behind the doors for extra security and storm safety!! We also have a pair of Peek-a-boo window shades and plan to order more."

Chuck & Kathy McGowan

Companionway Doors
Beneteau 423 2007
"I received the doors and installed them the first night. I really like the doors, just have to get my wife to go through the doors not over them like when the hatch boards were in. Old habits are hard to break.

Thanks for the great service and beautiful doors.

Thomas M Gorey  •  Honolulu, HI

Companionway Doors
Beneteau 461
"I finally got some photos to send you of the doors on my Beneteau 461. I just love the doors, they are great. Thanks for the larger vent cover you sent it was perfect."

Jamie Dryden

Companionway Doors
Catalina 27 1981
"Thanks to great instructions, I had the doors installed in less than an hour. All required hardware was included. I did not need to go to the store to get anything, which was amazing. And by the way, the doors look fantastic."

Matt Wessel

Companionway Doors
SternPerch Sailboat Seats
Catalina 30 1978
"I just wanted to send you a couple of photos to show off my beautiful Zarcor doors and Stern Perch Seats I ordered for my 1978 Catalina 30! I spent all winter completely refinishing my boat. I love the items and am looking forward to many years of great sailing!"

Dave Barker s/v Pleiades  •  Wichita, KS

Companionway Doors
Catalina 310
"I appreciate your always quick response to your emails. My wife and I love the doors and they look great on our Catalina. Installation was easy and the DVD was very clear. The best feature is going in and out of the cabin and not having to bother with the drop boards, plus more light inside. I have and will recommend your product to other sailors in our marina."

Curtis Saal

Companionway Doors
Catalina 34 1984
"I want to say thanks to you and Terry for all the help on my doors. Terry worked for 2 hours and they came out great."

Ted Robichaux  •  Dallas, TX

Companionway Doors
Catalina 350 2005
"We absolutely love our companionway doors and I think you will be getting more orders from our marina friends. The stove top also works great."

Steve & Lorraine Paushter  •  Vestal, NY

Companionway Doors
Gulfstar 45
"The doors are the best quality of improvement you can make to a boat."

M. Timon  •  Chicago, IL

Companionway Doors
Hunter 260
"Just want to let you know that I have installed the doors on my H260 and I am very pleased with the result. I think the cockpit looks much better with the doors, but that is just a minor point compared to the added convenience!

This is how the boat should have been equipped at the factory. Hatch boards are so old-fashioned! Of all the improvements I made on the boat this one ranks right at the top!

Thanks for the assistance over the phone and your personal advice. Feel free to give my number to any H260 owners that are considering your doors.

Reinhold Fussle

Companionway Doors
Hunter 36 2004
"Other than the psychological trauma of drilling holes in my boat, the installation per your instructions was very easy. Thanks for your innovation, we love the doors."

Bob Bearce s/v Für Elise  •  St. Petersburg, FL

Companionway Doors
Hunter 36 2007
"Hi guys!
Boat went in the water Friday and the new doors Saturday. Perfect fit! Your service and personal care meant everything to us. These are a must for any sailboat! We’d be happy to promote your business in any way we can.

M. DeYarman  •  Ohio

Companionway Doors
Hunter 410
"After a few months of experience, I wanted to tell you what a great addition the Zarcor doors have been for my Hunter 410. The fit of the doors is perfect, no installation issues. The ability to quickly close in case of rain underway is great, and so are the ventilated doors with mosquito screens at anchor. I have not messed with mosquito screening the entire season! And the looks are very nice too.
In summary, a great product that I would recommend to Hunter owners.

Jean-Philippe Jomini s/v Raconteur

Companionway Doors
Hunter 410 2002
"I just sent you 6 pictures of the installed doors, and I have to tell you they went on effortlessly! Start to finish less than 90 Minutes. They look amazing. The fit was perfect, no sanding or adjusting needed. Thanks again for all your phone support and instructional media. Great product!!"

Kristian Lippert

Companionway Doors
Hunter 42cc 1995
"Thank you, the Companionway Doors look and fit great on our Hunter 42 Center Cockpit. All our friends love them. Thank you for helping us so much."

Joe Donnelly

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