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Dometic OceanAir Shades

Railshade Frequently Asked Questions

Are installation instructions available?
Yes, an installation video can be found here.
What tools and supplies will I needed to install?
  • Click here to find a list of tools and supplies needed for installation.
  • We include a list of tools and supplies needed for installation, with every RSH shipment.
Are all installation parts and screws included?
Yes, all needed parts and screws are included.
How do I clean the Railshade fabric?
Use a clean soft cloth, mild soap and water.
Can the shades be positioned partially down?
Yes, position the bottom bar under the window levers, or under crossbar hold down pegs (sold separately).
How does the RailShade hold back privacy bar work?
  • The privacy bar is normally engaged by placing the loop of each end around the window levers, thus pulling the shade back to the curvature of the Airstream. Use hold down pegs (sold separately) if there are no window levers.
  • A clip (included) allows you to conveniently store the bar when not in use.
What is the maximum RSH size?
The Max RailShade Fabric size is 48"(wide) × 34"(high).
Can the RailShade be customized?
  • The RSH custom order form explains your 3 options.
    1. Re-Size Option - We can (reduce) the width of any of our (10) standard RailShades. The length is already variable. The cost is $39.00 (flat fee), plus the cost of the RSH.
    2. Mounting Option – The RSH is designed (by default) to be mounted on the wall. Ceiling mount is an option. The cost is N/C.
    3. Hold Down Option – Toggle and catch, is the default hold down. Mini grip, or Hold down pegs are options. See RSH parts.
  • Any the above 3 options must be order by phone. They are not available online. A custom order form may be required.
Where are Oceanair products made and for how long?
Oceanair products have been available since 1990, and are manufactured in the United Kingdom.
What is the warranty?
The RailShades are guaranteed for 1 year against defective parts and workmanship.
What is your return policy?
  • Oceanair products are returnable within 30 days from date of purchase. Return authorization is required.
  • Product must be in pristine, resalable condition. There is a 15% restocking fee on Oceanair products.
Do you install?
  • We do not install, but we may be able to recommend an AS service dealer in your area.
  • They are not that difficult to install. Click here to watch an installation video.