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CloZures Shutters for RVs

Round CloZures® Shutters for RVs

Solve the challenge of privacy and light control on RV & trailer round windows with CloZures® Shutters.

  • CloZures® are attached to the glass via 3M low profile Dual Lock (a Velcro type material).
  • The shutter offers 100% UV protection.
  • When closed, the shutter provides 100% privacy, especially at night.
Round CloZures on T@B Trailer
Round CloZures on T@B Trailer
Round CloZures on T@B Trailer

Although we list a few popular options below, ZARCOR can easily make round CloZures between the sizes of 6" to 15½" diameter. Call us and let's get started.

NEW patriotic CloZures

Round CloZures - American Flag design print Round CloZures - Texas Flag design print

Show those patriotic colors on popular flag days or just let them fly year around.

At this time, 11 inches is the maximum diameter available for the round patriotic CloZures.

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Round CloZures
Introductory Offer: Prices for patriotic shutters below reflect a 15% discount.
Slide Table
Part # Description Price Cart
RD10 10" Diameter $47.80 each
RD10-5 10½" Diameter $47.80 each
RD10-75 10¾" Diameter $47.80 each
RD12 12" Diameter $56.20 each