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CloZures Shutters for RVs

CloZures spare parts

Velcro dot
Product: CloZures Velcro Dot. Package of 40 (20 sets).
Model #: PB110
Cost: $8.00
Shipping and Handling: $2.00
Rivet set for CloZures
Product: CloZures mini nylon rivet-washer-fastener set. 20 sets.
Model #: PB112
Cost: $9.00
Shipping and Handling: $2.00
VHB velcro set for CloZures
Product: VHB tape ½" x 1½" for large shutters & extreme conditions. 10/pkg.
Model #: PB113
Cost: $6.00
Shipping and Handling: $2.00