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Residential CloZures


Frequently Asked Questions

What are CloZures®?
CloZures separated

CloZures® shutters are made from 2 pieces of 0.030 thick Polycarbonate which have been ink printed and processed to size on automated equipment. They are manufactured using the latest UV material and technology. The CloZures® function by simply moving one layer on top the second layer, thus opening or closing the shutter.

CloZures separated

CloZures® are attached to the glass inside the home via 3M low profile Dual Lock fasteners (a Velcro type material). To install, simply remove the red liner exposing the acrylic adhesive, then position and press firmly to the glass. The shutter can easily be removed for cleaning.

Velcro peel
What are the available colors for the CloZures®?
All shutters when open, offer a nice view of your outside surroundings.
  • White or Beige CloZures® (when closed) - Offers 100% privacy, blocks 100% of UV rays, keeps the Sun’s heat rays from entering the home. Allows 40% of the sunlight to filter into the home keeping it bright and cheerful on a hot summer day, but blocks all external light during the night.
  • Room Darkening CloZures® (when closed) – Offers all the above features except, it blocks 100% of all light, day and night

How long have the CloZures® Shutters been on the market?

CloZures® Shutters received a US Patent #6807772, in 2004. They quickly became the shutter of choice for treating difficult to decorate hatches, portlights, and windows on sailboars in the harsh marine environment.

CloZures® Shutters have been installed on thousands of sailboats and power boats, and are quickly becoming popular in the RV market.

In what marketplace are they the most popular?
Sailboats and RVs install CloZures® to replace curtains and shades.
What is your warranty?
The CloZures are guaranteed for 1 year against defective parts and workmanship.
What is your guaranteed satisfaction return policy?
We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied. It can be returned for any reason (within 30 days from date of purchase) for a full refund.