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Electrolyte level checker

If you cannot view the fluid (water) level in your battery, then you need this tool.

Practical Sailor calls the WetCheck "A safe and accurate method of checking the electrolyte level of your lead acid batteries. We use them on our boat".

Prevent Dry Cells - The #1 cause of battery failure

It is hazardous to peer into battery cells, and when you do, it is often difficult to determine the correct water level, 1/4 to 1/2 inch above the top of the plates.

Insert WetCheck into cell until touching top of plate. Note level on reverse side.
4 cards per package, 6 fingers per card.
Enough to check the cells in 4 batteries.
$4.95 per package
Questions or Phone Orders: (972) 380-8724
Product: WetCheck
Electrolyte Level Checker
Model #: WC101
Price: $4.95 each
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