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Random Testimonials
Companionway Doors
Hunter 36 2004
"Other than the psychological trauma of drilling holes in my boat, the installation per your instructions was very easy. Thanks for your innovation, we love the doors."

Bob Bearce s/v Für Elise  •  St. Petersburg, FL  •  January 23rd, 2009

Peek-a-Booo Shutters
Valiant 39 1997
"We've used the Peeks for 2 years and love them. We've shown and recommended the shutters to lots of people."

Richard Fink  •  WI

SternPerch Sailboat Seats
Catalina 28 1990
"Why did I wait so long to order the SternPerch seats? We received our seats, as planned and I installed them on my 1990 Catalina 28 Saturday morning, it took about 10 minutes. My wife and granddaughter enjoyed the sail that morning over to the Air Show. At the marina, owners of newer Catalina's with stern seats thought they look great."

Norm Heinzer  •  Milford, MA  •  June 26th, 2000

Tayana 40 1990
"At the Annapolis Boat show I spoke to you (John I believe) about difficulties with my older generation HotBlade (wouldn\'t light itself, wouldn\'t work in any bit of breeze, blade never seemed to position correctly. You gave me a new one at a sharply reduced price. The new Blade-X is like night and day from the original - better than the old one ever worked ... EVER. Thanks."

Bill Rohde  •  February 11th, 2012

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