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RV Door Window Shade Kit

RV Door Window
Shutter Kit
Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long have the CloZures® Shutters been on the market?

CloZures® Shutters received a US Patent #6807772, in 2004. They quickly become the shutter of choice for treating difficult to decorate hatches and windows in the harsh marine environment.

CloZures® Shutters have been installed on thousands of sail and power boats, and are quickly becoming popular in the RV market.

I do not have a window in my RV door. Can I retrofit your Door Window Kit?
Yes – we carry in stock the popular frame & window from Lippert Industries. We provide a pattern so you can mark and cut the opening in your door allowing you to retro the Door Window Kit. Call for more information, and to order.
Will the CloZures fit all RV Door windows?
  • The CloZures shade will fit only the door windows/frames manufactured by Lipper Components.
  • Lippert makes 75% of all RV doors and door windows.
  • In particular, the door window frame must measure 21" x 12" inner dimension and be fastened to the door with 16 screws.
What is your warranty, and return policy?
The RV Door Window Kit is guaranteed for 1 year against defective parts and workmanship.
What is your guaranteed satisfaction return policy?
We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied. It can be returned for any reason (within 30 days from date of purchase) for a full refund.
Are there any competitors who offer RV door shutters that function without opening the screen or door?
No there are not. Zarcor’s RV door CloZures® shutter is the only product with this desirable feature.
When choosing a CloZures® shutter color, what are the differing features to consider?
Of course, both color shutters when open, offer a nice view of your outside surroundings.
  • Beige CloZures® (when closed) - Offers 100% privacy, blocks 100% of UV rays, keeps the Sun’s heat rays from entering the RV. Allows 35% of the sunlight to filter into the RV keeping it bright and cheerful on a hot summer day, but blocks all external light during the night.
  • Room Darkening CloZures® (when closed) – Offers all the above features except, it blocks 100% of all light, day and night
For security purposes, can the CloZures® be operated so you can see who is outside your door, but they cannot see in?
Yes, the shutter can be opened just a small amount, 1/16" (1mm), allowing you to peer out, but they cannot see in.
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