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Upgrade your Airstream
with OceanAir Railshades
Airstream's preferred window treatment.
Railshades on Airstream

Oceanair Railshades Installation Video

OceanAir RAILshade

OceanAir RAILshade

The RAILSHADE (RSH) is a cassette roller blind, housed in a simple, functional extrusion. It is ideally suited for boat hatches, portlights, and RV windows. It can be used on vertical or horizontal surfaces. It is also adaptable for slightly curved surfaces. The RAILSHADE is easy to install and comes in a range of standard sizes.

  • Silver anodized finish with 100% blackout fabric.
  • Manufactured for the harshest environments.
  • Simple installation, all mounting hardware is included.
  • Custom sizes available by special order.
  • Custom cassette housing available in white and beige for additional cost.
  • Included hold open option: Bottom rail toggle.
  • Max X: 48" (1219mm)
  • Max Y: 35 7/16" (900mm)
  • Included hardware and accessories

Hardware and accessories shipped
with each OceanAir RailShade (RSH)

4 each
RSH attachment screws & caps
1 each
Toggle Pull
1 each
Toggle catch & Screw
Included items
An elegant solution for filling empty holes Save 25%
A classic upgrade for
portlight style windows

CloZures on Airsream portlight window
Hole Filler Plug
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cosmetic hole filler for Airsream trailers
Questions or Phone Orders: (972) 380-8724

OceanAir RAILshade for Airstream Trailers

Max X = 43¼", Max Y = 35½" | Color = Silver
Airstream PN OceanAir SKU Fabric Width (X) Fabric Height (Y) Housing Width (Z) Price  
703700-07 RSH-451/864-SA 17¾" (451mm) 34" (864mm) 19¾" (502mm) $78.80
703700-01 RSH-483/610-SA 19⅛" (483mm) 24" (610mm) 21" (554mm) $71.40
703700-05 RSH-483/864-SA 19⅛" (483mm) 34" (864mm) 21" (554mm) $78.80
703700-03 RSH-641/864-SA 25¼" (641mm) 34" (864mm) 27⅛" (689mm) $90.60
  RSH-749/864-SA 29½" (749mm) 34" (864mm) 31⅜" (796mm) $119.30
703700-04 RSH-756/864-SA 29¾" (756mm) 34" (864mm) 31⅝" (803mm) $110.30
703700-02 RSH-826/610-SA 32⅝" (826mm) 24" (610mm) 34⅜" (873mm) $94.50
703700-08 RSH-1029/864-SA 40½" (1029mm) 34" (864mm) 42⅜" (1076mm) $134.40
703700-060 RSH-1080/864-SA 42½" (1080mm) 34" (864mm) 44⅜" (1127mm) $119.70
703700-06 RSH-1086/864-SA 42¾" (1086mm) 34" (864mm) 44⅝" (1134mm) $119.70
703700-11 RSH-1219/610-SA 48" (1219mm) 24" (610mm) 50" (1270mm) $123.60
Resizing Charge: reduce RSH width to new custom size = $39.00 / unit (flat fee).
SKU Product - Fabric Width (X) × Fabric Height (Y) × Housing Width (Z) Price  
CSH-1-SA OceanAir CABINshade, Silver - 14"(X) × 15¾"(Y) × 16"(Z) $77.10
CSH-2-SA OceanAir CABINshade, Silver - 18½"(X) × 20"(Y) × 2015/16"(Z) $81.10
CSH-3-SA OceanAir CABINshade, Silver - 21"(X) × 23"(Y) × 24"(Z) $87.80
CSH-4-SA OceanAir CABINshade, Silver - 26¾"(X) × 27½"(Y) × 293/16"(Z) $101.80
Note: There is a 15% restocking fee on all returned OceanAir merchandise. Custom sizes are non-returnable.
OceanAir Cabinshade diagram

Custom Sizes Available

Any RSH purchased can be re-sized (made narrower). Simply choose the stock size which offers the correct height (Y), but the width (X) needs to be made slightly narrower. We will re-size the cassette and fabric to your specifications.

The cost is a $39.00 (flat fee). Not available on line.

To order call 972-380-8724 or 800-877-4797

CloZures on Airstream Trailer
CloZures on Airstream Trailer

CloZures for RVs

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